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The King David Schools Foundation is the Fund-raising arm of King David Schools.

The Foundation has identified 4 specific fund-raising initiatives that will ensure the sustainability and excellence of the King David Schools in the long term.

The King David Schools' Endowment Fund

about-dorledor The King David Schools' Foundation Dor le Dor (Generation to Generation) campaign is focused on creating the engine that will drive a sustainable future for King David Schools. Funds received for the endowment are invested, and only the interest generated is applied to support school programmes which include continuation of the schools' subsidy programme, (which provides financial assistance for Jewish learners in need), supporting enhanced development of our Teaching Programme, (which includes attracting and retaining quality teachers), as well as the expansion of our Learning Programme, (which includes strengthening academic, religious, cultural and sporting curricula).

"To date we have seen tremendous support for the endowment. Initially, our goal is to raise R100-m for this fund."

Capital Projects

infastructureImprovement of our infrastructure - The King David School system is 63 years old and many of the schools' facilities are in need of serious attention. Over the past 5 years, the schools have spent R20m on facilities and with the generous support of donors, the amount to be spent in 2012 from school budgets and specific capital project donations will be in excess of R20m. This scaling up of investment into the school infrastructure bodes well for the future.


Sponsoring a Student

sponsorDonors often choose to sponsor a student directly by paying for his/her schooling. With the knowledge that a student is benefiting from an excellent Jewish education at King David, the donor has a personal interest in the student's progress. We currently have many donors supporting a number of students that require financial assistance, but it is always our hope to increase this donor figure year by year.

Support of our Outreach Programme

outreachEach of the King David Schools has a partnership with a previously disadvantaged school, and ideally we would like to stretch out a hand to as many learners from these schools as possible. It is important for our children to realise their privileged status and to be aware of the needs of their disadvantaged counterparts. This bold objective has led to many partnerships, initiatives and projects. These projects are funded in the main by donations made to the King David Schools' Foundation.



How can you help?

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If you would like to volunteer to organise your Matric class reunion, click here.

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