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Dynamic Davidians

The King David Schools' Foundation is proud of all of our alumni who are making a positive impact on societies throughout the world. Those alumni who we have showcased in Dynamic Davidians are just a small percentage of our vast community of alumni. If you would like to be featured please send a head and shoulders picture of yourself and a short biography detailing your achievements since leaving King David to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Abrahamson Earle

Earle Abrahamson

(KDHSL 1988)

Amoils Philip

Dr C Philip Amoils

(KDHSL 1980)

Balkin David  AM

David Balkin AM
(KDSHL 1970)

Barber Gary

Gary Barber
(KDSHL 1974)

Bassin Marilyn

Marilyn Bassin
(KDVP 1982)

Behrmann-Cohen Prof Marlene

Professor Marlene Behrmann-Cohen
(KDHSL 1976)

Bethlehem Sir Daniel

Sir Daniel Bethlehem
(KDHSL 1977)

Bilchik Nadia

Nadia Bilchik
(KDHSL 1982)

Blacher Dr Taddy

 Dr Taddy Blacher

(KDHSVP 1984)


Bloomberg Dr Linda Dale

Dr Linda Dale Bloomberg

(KDHSL 1976)

Bolnick Andy

Andy Bolnick
(KDLHS 1984)

Brodie Karin

Professor Karin Brodie

(KDHSL 1982)

Brown Colin

Professor Colin Brown

KDHSL 1959

Cohen Larry
Larry Cohen
(KDHSL 2005)
Collis Steve

Steve Collis
(KDHSL 1978)

Coplan Jeremy

Professor Jeremy Coplan

(KDHSL 1977)

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